Benefits of travelling

I decided to write a blog in English again as i’ve met so many great people here already who were interested in reading my blog. Since Google Translate makes pretty funny sentences and I want to improve my language skills so here’s one in English about travelling.

I’m away now for 2 weeks and I already had so many great experiences. Especially the conversations with the locals they are making my trip into something very special. One of the reasons why I like to travel on my own is that meeting new people is easier. You only have to give someone a smile or say ‘hi’ and there you have another conversation. Another thing I love about this trip is that I have all the time to read books, spend time outdoors and think about life. There is no rush for anything, I don’t have to think about money, bills, work or cleaning up the house. This is such a luxury and it gives me time to do some inner development.

The last days I spent much time wandering around and I came to the point where I made a list about what is important to me and what makes me happy and what doesn’t make me happy.

What makes me happy

Connecting with other people. In the last months i’ve realized that life is all about connecting with others. I noticed that every time I meet people with whom I can share something I feel better. This can be through a shared interest, like cooking in my case, but also through something small like a smile. I think connection has everything  to do with love, the most important thing in life.

Helping other people to live their life the fullest. My work. I want to show people that you can improve your life easily by making  small changes. At the moment I’m trying to do this through my blog, but I also decided to follow a new study to become a certificated health coach.

Dream big! Seven months ago I didn’t have any money and I couldn’t even think about travelling to France. When I decided to go on a long trip I put all my energy and focus on it and I made it happen! I decided to rent out my house, move back in with my mom and do some extra work and here I am.  Now I am travelling for 2 months through this beautiful country. If you really want something you can do it. Write it down, think up how you can achieve your goal and focus.

Travel a lot. I’ve never regretted any of the trips I made and they have always brought me new inspiration, insights and friends. I think travelling is one of the greatest ways to improve yourself. It doesn’t have to be a big trip though. Going outside from your safe environment often is enough. Plan a biking trip for a couple of days or go on a yoga retreat if you don’t feel comfortable with backpacking on your own.

And what doesn’t….

A big house, a nice car, luxurious vacations. I just don’t care about these things. My worst nightmare is to be working 60 hours a week to pay off my mortgage. Freedom is one of the most important things in my life. I rather go on a camping trip and meet locals than laying by the pool in a 5 star hotel.

An office job. Mentally and physically is a crime for me. Causes: severe back aches, head aches, restless mind and stress. I’m on my best when I meet people in real life and when I can make them happy by sharing – for example – my food. Of course I love blogging and spending some time behind the computer. Not too much though.

Comparing my life with others. I used to do it all the time and of course sometimes I still do. More and more I realize that it’s such a waste of time. My life is unique and it’s the only life I have. Appreciating the things I have is the biggest gift I can give myself and it definitely makes me happier!

Worrying about the future. Naturally I have a very restless and worrying mind. Before I came to America I could have thought up 1000 reasons not to go or to go somewhere else and I did. But now I’m actually here it’s one great, unique experience. It’s always gonna be alright and if not then it’s still alright. There is no such thing as a bad decision, because you’ll either love the decision you made or learn from it.

Hope you enjoyed my blog! I really enjoyed writing in English again. I’ve actually noticed that I sometimes think in English now that I’m surrounded by Canadians :).

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  1. Yvonne 26 mei 2013 at 22:05 - Reply

    He Girl

    I love your blog! And your personal writing. Your experiences are very inspiring!
    Nothing better than the freedom of traveling and space for new ideas.
    What study are you planning to do?

    • Jolijn 27 mei 2013 at 01:59 - Reply

      Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks 🙂 I’m planning to study on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Hope to start in September.

      xo Jolijn

  2. Jorieke 23 mei 2013 at 17:25 - Reply

    WOW! Wat prachtig geschreven! Heel erg herkenbaar! Reizen is zo fantastisch! Eén van de dingen die mij ook héél erg gelukkig maakt… de wereld is zo mooi… ver weg (weet je nog wij op Curacao), maar zeker ook dichtbij! Reizen is ONTDEKKEN en ONTMOETEN! En weet je… ik lees gewoon dat je ontzettend gelukkig bent! Ondanks dat je zo’n twijfelaar bent en alles afweegt, volg je wel je hart.. en ik wou je gewoon even zeggen dat ik heel erg trots op je ben! Geniet geniet geniet… je verdient het! XXX

  3. Shanna 23 mei 2013 at 07:56 - Reply

    Inspiring again! Nice to read your personal experiences 🙂 thanks. x

  4. Marian 22 mei 2013 at 18:49 - Reply

    Heel mooi, jouw verhaal inspireert mij echt! Ik denk hier zoo hetzelfde over. Ik ben net afgestudeerd en werk 50 uur of meer op kantoor. Weet nu al dat dit het niet is. Zou zo graag iets anders gaan doen, maar ik vind dat toch wel eng. Ben nu aan een yoga docentopleiding begonnen en dat vind ik fantastisch!! Ik ben benieuwd welke opleiding jij gaat doen. Bedankt voor je mooie verhaal!

  5. Mia 22 mei 2013 at 08:34 - Reply

    This is really written from the heart!
    You are only two weeks away from the stress and the busy life and you turned out being another person already 🙂 That is how I feel here in my cave house in the middle of Andalucia (Altiplano). If you want to spend a holiday in a no 5* hotel but having the luxury of being surrounded by stunning views, rest, peace, nice weather and so much more, you know where to find us. This is an ideal place for yoga, meditation, writers, painters and all kinds of artists or other people who need silence to get inspiration. We often have the feeling here that the time stood still, the locals are waving when you pass them and say hello, the pastor is still strolling around with his sheep and goats, after church the locals all go the pub next to the church to have a beer or a glass of wine, men still play cards and gather together on the market square enjoying the warmth of the sun…
    Travelling makes a person rich in the heart and clears the mind. A healthy spirit in a healthy body.

  6. Manja 22 mei 2013 at 06:34 - Reply

    Ik ben toch wel een tikkie jalours op je dat je het avontuur gewoon aangaat. Ik heb het altijd gezegd, ik wil reizen, maar ik doe het niet. Stabiliteit is denk ik toch net wat belangrijker, geeft me rust in mijn hoofd. Op dit moment doe ik naast werken een studie, maar als ik die afgerond heb dan MOET ik ook echt gaan reizen, dat is het moment dat het makkelijk kan. Dus blijf vooral heel veel inspirerende blogjes schrijven, dan ga ik zeker hahaha

    Geniet ervan!

  7. sabrina 22 mei 2013 at 06:14 - Reply

    Hey Jolijn,

    Heerlijk om jouw blog te lezen. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens. Ik ben druk bezig mijn leven vorm te geven zoals ik wil. En dat lijkt heel veel op what makes you happy too. Love it. Helaas nog steeds vast aan een officejob, maar druk bezig met andere mogelijkheden en nog druk aan het sparen voor een opleiding tot health coach. Welke opleiding ga jij doen?

    Geniet van je travelavonturen.


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