Warm Overnight Oats


Overnight oats is are among our favorite breakfasts. They are as versatile as a sandwich, simple as a bowl of yoghurt en easy to bring along like a powerbar. There’s just one disadvantage to oats right now: they’re so cold.

I eat overnight oats several times a week. I chuck some oats, fruit, vegetable milk and topping together in a jar before I go to sleep and wake up with my breakfast ready to go to work. Now the days are getting colder, my body is starting to complain about these otherwise delicious treats from the fridge.

But now I now how to fix that.

Jolijn has already made a bunch of great overnight oats recipes (this is my favorite, it’s not translated yet though) and overnight oats are perfectly simple to do some experimenting of your own with. I made a new recipe to give you an extra warm start during cold fall and winter days.


Warm Overnight Oats

serves 1

½ cup rolled oats
⅓ cup almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
½ cup boiling water
1 apple
½ tbsp cinnamon
pinch cayenne pepper

Optional toppings:
tbsp almondbutter 
small handful of raisins
small handful of mulberries

Finely dice an unpeeled bio apple. Use a clean glass jar and add the oats, milk, apple, cinnamon, pepper en some toppings if you like. Put on the cap and give it a firm shake. Put in the fridge overnight.

Before serving boil the water and gently add it to the oats. It’s a good idea to use a towel to hold the jar to avoid burns and in case the jar cracks from the hot water. Shake it up again and you’re ready.

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