Golden Milk Latte


Golden Milk is sweet and creamy and yummy. It is originally an ancient drink made with turmeric, milk and a sweetener, used in ayurveda to treat all kinds of ailments. Turmeric is one of nature's best medicines! It's good for your digestion, immune system, and helps prevent cancer. That sounds great right? But for me Golden Milk is first and formost just a [...]


Warm Overnight Oats


Overnight oats is are among our favorite breakfasts. They are as versatile as a sandwich, simple as a bowl of yoghurt en easy to bring along like a powerbar. There's just one disadvantage to oats right now: they're so cold. I eat overnight oats several times a week. I chuck some oats, fruit, vegetable milk and topping together in a [...]


Mint & Chocolate Cakes


When writing a book you spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Taking time to prepare meals was a perfect way for me to unwind. The springtime inspires me to make new recipes. Asparagus, mint leaves, peas, lettuce and radish are in season and beg me to give them a fresh and light twist. I'm sure I'm not [...]


Inspiring: Victoria from Nasma Life


Every first of the month I'll interview an inspiring person about his or her life. What does her inspire her, how she deals with modern life and how she started her business? This month Victoria from Nasma Life. I met her a couple of months ago when I was lucky to receive a massage at her beautiful place. I was [...]


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake


This Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake calls for a celebration, but if you can't think of anything to celebrate, simply celebrate life and make it anyway! This no-bake cake is sugar-free, healthy and delicious! I used to make a vegan cheesecake whenever there was a party but now I often choose this one instead (or make both). I've had the idea for [...]


Spicy Coconut Lentilsoup


  Lentilsoup is probably my number one signature dish. Sjoerd loves it, I cook it for dinner parties, I serve it when I cook for yoga retreats and it's one of those dishes you can just whip up in no time, without too much preparation (although it's better to soak the lentils before using them). I first made this recipe after returning [...]


Spicy Thai Peanutsoup


I made this recipe in the week the cover shoot was made for my book. It was very exciting for me, because not many people are easily satisfied with pictures of themselves and I'm no exception in that department. In the end, I think they turned out great and I'm very happy with the picture we chose for the cover, [...]


Pasta with Mint Pesto & Broccoli


It's really exciting for me to start translating some of my most popular recipes. I've been getting request for translations for ages, especially on Instagram, and I'm particularly happy to have some close non-Dutch friends finally be able to read what I blog about without getting stuck on Google Translate. More or less anyway, because these English versions are not exact [...]


Amsterdam City Guide


I always knew I was going to live either abroad or in Amsterdam. I ended up doing both. Even though I’m super happy living in Amsterdam at the moment, I can imagine myself moving to a major city in another country or maybe to a remote island somewhere exotic. For now, Amsterdam is my world. I go for a run [...]

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